Our position on vaccination mandates

To our members and patrons as we begin to open up in an equivalent way to the rest of the country, we’ve had a lot of questions about whether or not we will be requiring our patrons to show proof of vaccination to enter the Club.
As has been the case throughout this Pandemic we have chosen to follow the local governments guidelines on all things COVID.
Those guidelines currently contain no requirements for staff to be vaccinated to hold their jobs or for our members and patrons to be vaccinated as a condition of entry. While we encourage our staff and members and patrons to follow the advice of the health experts, we also accept that there could be a multitude of reasons for an individual to not currently be vaccinated and we do not think that it could be considered democratic to discriminate against anyone for their personal choice.
While our staff have all followed the advice passed down to us it would be incredibly unfair to turn around and tell the people that have worked through the most disturbing and challenging times of this pandemic with no safety net, that their employment is now conditional to their compliance. The same applies to our resolute members and patrons who have continued their support.
You have continued to help us keep the Club trading from the get-go of our reopening after Lockdown and respected the regulations that we have had to implement in good faith. For us to reward that loyalty with a “no jab, no entry” policy would be a huge contradiction to what we stand for.
We know that you will continue to make the right decisions regarding your health and how it impacts your wider Community. We don’t need to do that for you.
Our success as a Club is in a large part due to the incredible support from all our members and patrons and we will continue to return that support through open doors and a welcoming, all-inclusive environment for as long as we are permitted to.
If you have any questions regarding COVID restrictions at our Community Club, please contact us.